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Krill oil diminishes PMS symptoms for more than 35%

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is combination of physical and emotional symptoms, connected with hormonal swings during the menstrual cycle. Up to 85% of women of reproductive age have experienced at least one of the PMS symptoms, the most common of which are irritability, tension and depression.
These or others of the 200 or so PMS symptoms appear about 10 days before menstruation, and disappear right before or following the start of menstruation. A double-blind, randomised clinical study shows that taking krill oil significantly decreases a number of PMS symptoms. 70 women, divided into two groups, took part in the study. One of the groups took 2g of krill oil, while the other took the same amount of fish oil. The research lasted 90 days. Even after the first 45 days, many of the initial emotional and physical PMS symptoms had diminished within the krill oil user group (p<0.001). The effect of fish oil on PMS was limited: gaining weight and bloating stopped, but the other symptoms remained as intensive as they had been initially. Also after the 90 days of taking fish oil were over, no more significant effects on the range of PMS symptoms were observed. Having taken krill oil for 90 days, the women showed less frequent necessity for painkillers than at the beginning of the research and up to the 45th day of the research (p<0.001). Krill oil can help diminish a wider variety of PMS symptoms than fish oil.

Research publication: Sampalis F., et al. Evaluation of the effects of Neptune Krill Oil on the management of premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. Altern Med Rev 2003, 8(2):171-179

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